About Us

If you’re here, there’s a good chance you love being outside as much as we do.

But sometimes, the world outside can seem so hard to approach. For instance, maybe you’ve always dreamed about having a backyard ice rink. But how on earth are you supposed to build one anyway?? Actually, we have the answer!

We Make the Outdoors Accessible

Happily Outside was born out of a desire to make it easy for everyone to enjoy the outdoors – whether in your own backyard or in the great outdoors. We do this by writing articles that teach and inspire. We want nothing more than for you to play happily outside!

Whether you’re an experienced outdoor enthusiast or someone who just bought a new home with a yard, we hope you’ll find something useful to take away with you – a new idea, new knowledge or skills, or perhaps a solution to a problem you were having.

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Thanks for stopping by our site and as always, have fun out there!